Aragon Andalusians

At Aragon Andalusians, our passion is breeding purebred Andalusians and Andalusian sport horse crosses with exceptional temperaments and brilliant movement. We strive to combine the best in bloodlines to produce foals that embody the classic Spanish traits, as well as athletic and versatile sport horses that are extremely trainable and willing.

We make every effort to provide mare owners with reliable, professional service from our new breeding facility to ensure that all their needs are being met each breeding season. Our stallion, mares, foals, and competition horses receive the best possible care, and foals are handled on a daily basis.

In addition, we are dedicated to assisting prospective horse owners, whether amateur or professional, to find a talented young horse that exactly meets their special requirements - to find the horse of their dreams!

Aragon Andalusians is located just minutes from Kingston, Ontario, Canada and a short drive from Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and the U.S. border. We welcome visitors, please contact us for an appointment.

Honoured to be a member of:

IALHA - International Andalusian and Lusitano Horse Association
USPREA - Unites States PRE Association
CWHBA - Canadian Warmblood Horse Breeders Association
CSHA - Canadian Sport Horse Association

Andalusians are artistry in motion.  They have what is called brio. Brio means that the Andalusian is smart,
 and high strung in his temperament,
 yet he is submissive and totally focused on the rider. He wants to please.